Indigenous Tribe

Cinta Larga


2.7 million hectares or 6.7 million acres

Project Type

REDD, avoided deforestation




Viridor Carbon Services is developing a REDD project with the Cinta Larga, a group of Indigenous people living near the Roosevelt river. At just over 1 million hectares(2.45 million acres), this will be one of the largest projects of its kind. The Indigenous leadership is actively participating in all phases of development to ensure protection of their concerns and traditions. Large informational meetings took place in Cacoal Brazil. With 62 leaders and members present, a consensus was developed on what information was necessary and how it would be presented to the rest of the population who did not attend this meeting. This project is being developed using VCS and CCBA methodologies and is currently seeking sponsors and early ex-ante buyers. Follow the project's progression on or on their facebook page ‘Viridor Carbon Services’. It will also be available on APX-Project Track in the coming months.


February 2010 Meeting with The Cinta Larga people ~ Brazilian rainforest
Meeting with the Cinta Larga Leadership Viridor staff met in January 2010 with about 100 people of the Cinta Larga in a village in the Brazilian rainforest.

February 2010 Viridor hands over keys to chief ~ Cacoal Brazil
Meeting with the Cinta Larga Leadership Greg hands over the keys to one of two project trucks to Chief Marcelo Cinta Larga. The chief is still wearing traditional face paint that is made from crushed rainforest plants.

December 2009 Meeting with The Cinta Larga Leadership ~ Cacoal Brazil
Meeting with the Cinta Larga Leadership Viridor staff met with over 60 of the Cinta Larga's leadership in Cacoal Brazil. The project details were discussed and specific plans were made for following trips.